Bridge Training To Help Inmates Build a Life Once Incarcerated

upload146203596466639_thumbOne of the nation’s greatest law enforcement officers recently walked past a fence made of barbed-wire and through rust-colored walls of several passages to speak with a very special audience. A tough-looking FBI detail tracked her move, as this was no normal meeting. Loretta Lynch, Attorney General had sought audience with five men from a correction facility who wanted to help her see their struggles.

1462035077525Lynch made this trip to highlight the requirement of programs for inmates to transition from jail and re-enter society. She mixed with the population at the correctional facility where33 percent are doomed with a lifetime behind bars for weapons felonies and over 42 percent of its inmates have been incarcerated for drug crimes. Tony Moses, one of the inmates believes not all people who are in lock up are bad people but rather those who made bad choices.

By providing these individuals who are coming out of these sorts of institutions with more ways to regain their place in society, the chance for recidivism is reduced and incidentally, what that leads to is lower crime rates. There is always the chance of fewer victims and fewer crimes when individuals are given survival options such as when they learn usable life and job skills. By breaking this cycle, the chances of more families ending up in prison is less.

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Presidential Candidates Rave To The Iowan Finishing Line

GOP-candidates-TW2Today starts with one of the most influential stories in modern politics. Nearly an entire year of public campaigns, millions spent on ads, a flurry of debates, and an unpredictable race for the right to be called the President will start in Iowa.

For now, the favorites are basically tied, however Hillary Clinton seems to be is just a little huger in the most recent Des Moines Register/Bloomberg poll. This poll also predicted her loss against Barack Obama back in ’08. It is imperative to important to note that in many ways, this election is totally different for Hillary. She seems to have some sort of statewide strategy and is trying hard to interesting the Democratic Party and she has already done the entire campaign in Iowa one time further than opposition Bernie Sanders.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign event at the University of Iowa Field House, Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2016 in Iowa City, Iowa. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

Bernie Sanders has been seen running a very upbeat. The strategy for Bernie is to motivate young voters. The question remains whether these college goers will caucus at the site of their college campuses or go home to caucus. It will work out better for Sanders if those supporters caucus from their home towns as his support will be more widespread. However, most students, may not have the means or the inclinations to go back home to vote, creating a loophole in the plan.

Trump was looking and feeling very confident yesterday, insisting Iowans vote for him because he was a winner; they should pick a winner. He reminded them of a time Iowa Republicans actually chose the next president which was in 2000 and the candidate then had been George W. Bush. After the latest release of the Des Moines Register poll, Trump’s confidence swelled. It showed him leading Ted Cruz by at least five points, his main rival. It remains to be seen whether like Sanders supporters, the out count at the caucuses is just as good as the turnout for the rallies. Voters must act now, and be a part of this pivotal point in American history.

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Man Arrested In Connection To St Louise Church Fires

St.Louis_Recently, a man aged around 35 years old has been charged and arrested on related to his connections with fires that had been started in two churches around the St Louis area. The man whose name has been given as David Lopez Jackson has been charged with two accounts of arson in the second degree and while the city’s Metropolitan Police Department says his bail has been set to $75,000, none has come forward to claim it.

Sam Dotson, the Chief of the city’s Police Department said that the investigation was still incomplete and that it was possible that Jackson could also be treated as a prime suspect in five other fires that were reported earlier during the month.

He has been explicitly charged with setting the fires at both Ebenezer Lutheran Church and New Life in St. Louis. A source claims that he is also reported as being suspected of attempting to set fire to a family member’s home.

Police had responded to an emergency call for attempted arson at the house a little after 4 p.m. on Thursday. There is still speculation if the act of arson against the churches had any racially motivation behind it, as previous reports state that six out of seven church fires recently were in neighborhoods that had a large African American population. However, Jackson is also black. ] Reporters spoke with one of the priests of a targeted church. Rev. Robert Gettinger, from the St. Augustine Catholic Church from Hamilton Avenue states that news of the arrest has come as a relief.
He said that the church prayed for the arsonist, deeming that it may have been mentally unstable behavior.