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Mosquito Systems

Our installation professionals will survey your surroundings to help locate and eliminate potential mosquito breeding spots. If you’d like to take preventive action, see our post Stop Mosquitoes From Breeding. The importance of such preventive measures can’t be emphasized enough. The female mosquito can simultaneously lay up to 300 eggs and produce up to 3,000 eggs a year. Each egg can develop into an adult mosquito in 10 to 14 days. Depending on the type of mosquito, all this can occur in as little as one ounce of water. When you do the math, you can see the potential for explosive population growth in a very short time and from even a very small source of stagnant water. More on this website @

Once you have explored your landscaping to look for stagnant water, we suggest you search again for anything you might have missed. What about your boat? Is there water in your life well left from your last fishing trip? Do you have bait buckets or other containers in the boat that might hold standing water or catch water if it rains? Also, look closely at boat covers for any folds that could hold water – and remember that mosquitoes can breed in even the tiniest pocket of water. Children’s toys are another common culprit. Wading pools and wagons are obvious sources, and you certainly want to dump those. Also, check riding toys for any compartments that could hold water. You may also find standing water in low spots of flexible sandbox covers. Other possible breeding opportunities include hollow chain link or plastic fence posts that aren’t capped; dripping window air conditioning units; outdoor grills; plants that hold water, such as bamboo; plastic sheeting used in gardens to prevent weeds. All of these sources can and should be eliminated.

If you control garden weeds with plastic sheeting, replace it with landscape cloth that allows water to drain through it. Many low spots can be filled with sand or rocks so that the area will drain. When you consider how quickly mosquitoes can multiply, it’s worth checking the yard now and then, and it only takes a few minutes. It won’t even seem like a chore if you keep an eye out while you take a stroll with your morning coffee. For the ultimate in easy insect control, get a free estimate to determine if mosquito systems are the answer to your bug problems.

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