Bridge Training To Help Inmates Build a Life Once Incarcerated

upload146203596466639_thumbOne of the nation’s greatest law enforcement officers recently walked past a fence made of barbed-wire and through rust-colored walls of several passages to speak with a very special audience. A tough-looking FBI detail tracked her move, as this was no normal meeting. Loretta Lynch, Attorney General had sought audience with five men from a correction facility who wanted to help her see their struggles.

1462035077525Lynch made this trip to highlight the requirement of programs for inmates to transition from jail and re-enter society. She mixed with the population at the correctional facility where33 percent are doomed with a lifetime behind bars for weapons felonies and over 42 percent of its inmates have been incarcerated for drug crimes. Tony Moses, one of the inmates believes not all people who are in lock up are bad people but rather those who made bad choices.

By providing these individuals who are coming out of these sorts of institutions with more ways to regain their place in society, the chance for recidivism is reduced and incidentally, what that leads to is lower crime rates. There is always the chance of fewer victims and fewer crimes when individuals are given survival options such as when they learn usable life and job skills. By breaking this cycle, the chances of more families ending up in prison is less.

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